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Designing the Workspace Culture

Every company wants to be unique in terms of the business strategy, product offerings and resource management and yet implement the best practices that can drive future success.

The characteristics are defined by the company’s leadership but influenced by employee behaviours and experiences. A thriving company understands the critical role of workspace design to reinforce the company’s culture.  If implemented successfully it can inspire, motivate and promote the organization values amongst its workforce and in turn improve the employee engagement and productivity.

The soul of the workspace

As soon as someone steps in through the front door they get a hint of the company’s culture just by looking at the colors, lights, furniture and the energy of the people around them. In an instant, the use of sharp lights, bright colours and modern furniture can convey a young, energetic atmosphere or softer light, live plants, exposed wood and natural tones can showcase the creative and sustainable outlook of the organization.

Big Basket - Brand Reception

 BigBasket office in Bengaluru that accommodates nearly 450 employees in a 45,000 square feet area was designed to maintain a balance between the highly energetic vibe of the workspace and sustainability by responsibly sourcing materials with low carbon footprint.

 The research

An independent and competitive workforce needs more private, enclosed space while a collaborative and communal space can drive productivity among specific employee-base.

Hence a workspace designer should first study various departments to understand employee mobility, need for privacy and usage of various technologies to build a plan that can equip the workers with the resources needed to succeed.  The research forms the groundwork to design the office layout and select suitable construction materials and furnishings.

Mitra Biotech - Office Interior by Hidecor

An agile workspace for Mitra Biotech was a horseshoe shape design that accommodates an unobstructed area for state-of-art laboratory for drug development for personalized cancer treatment and other elements like cafeteria, workstations, recreation areas, meeting rooms and boardrooms, all in 13,000 square feet.

Aesthetics vs Practicality

The choice of artwork and design elements can pay homage to the brand and help to reinforce the mission and legacy of the company. The usage of space, the theme, contrast between work and play can influence the employees and the visitors to understand the brand ethos.

While aesthetics are important, designers must be focused on functional considerations. Office acoustics, temperature control and lights are pivotal to reduce the occurrence and impact of distractions for the employees and have a direct impact on business productivity.

Decathlon Office Space Designed By Hidecor - Open Space

Decathlon’s new and first office in Bengaluru is a 28,000 square feet space designed to accommodate a collaborative and creative community. It was designed to resonate the company’s core business of sports and being “activity-driven” as the overall aesthetics but still meeting the requirements of employee engagement and wellness.

About Hidecor

Hidecor has successfully delivered more than 20 projects in the last four years and is in a quest to create energizing and convivial workspaces for some of the top companies in India.

Currently present in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, the company is quickly expanding as a one-stop solution for workspace design and build. The objective is to build an agile and futuristic workspace that drive employee engagement yet amplifying the brand aesthetics with thoughtful design. Contact to know more about Hidecor.


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