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Curated Research

More often than not, we at Hidecor, brainstorm with our clients on Space Consulting to Build Awareness, Design Considerations and Operations Decision.

We help our clients in their Selection of next office space, Maximize renovation budget and/or Design an agile or expandable office.

Introducing our very own Curated Research Papers, for you to download and get access to our best advice and experience led data-driven actionable insights.

We believe in intensive market research to keep up with the latest trends around the world in terms of design, products & technology in office spaces.

Hidecor – How to Budget Office Renovation

The common misconception is that the office revamping process must be expensive. However, careful office rehabilitation planning, coupled with a bit of overhauling creativity, can greatly transform the office space at an affordable cost.

The budgeting steps can be quite complicated and needs an expert know hows of material costs, design concepts and even local laws & regulations.

Most often it is impractical for the business owners to get involved deeply into this process. Hence first step would be to finding a reliable renovation expert, who has substantial experience to guide the business through the entire process.

Once the first step is over, the following steps can be done individually by the company or in collaboration with the new partner to determine the budget.

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Hidecor – How to Select your Next Office Space in India

Supplies of new office space in India are set to pick up in the coming years, thanks primarily to strong demand in the southern cities that are home to most technology companies, show estimates by real estate consultancies.

Office space supplies in the top seven Indian cities to touch 218 million sq. ft by the end of 2022, about 32% more than the 166 million sq. ft of office space added in the five years through 2017. The driver of this will be increased launching and leasing activity in the southern cities of Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai.

As a business leader, when the future holds promise your team must expand to allow your dreams to take shape. You need a physical manifestation of your culture, ethos and pace of innovation. In short, you need to move into a new office. But real estate is not your cup of tea. Office layouts, blue prints, cost-per-square feet, lease agreements are concepts alien to you. Finding the right office space can be both one of the most exciting and important challenges for a business. Moving offices can be stressful and disrupt your business temporarily. So why not get it right from the get go?

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