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An interior in 3D and 360 degree virtual tour of Bigbasket’s office

Virtual and augmented reality has been widely popular in entertainment, including V.R. consoles like PlayStation VR and A.R. games like Pokemon Go, but their use has lagged in commercial real estate.

Only recently have developers, architects, brokers and builders started to use the technologies as a way to save money and time in two aspects of large commercial real estate projects: leasing and construction.

Full-scale adoption is still most likely years away, especially in geography like India, but the interest in commercial uses for the technology is rising.

As this trend catches up in commercial workspace design industry, gear up to tour your office before it’s built with augmented and virtual reality.

Check out how the Hidecor’s team combined efficiency with fun,  to design and build Bigbasket’s workspace not only complements the brand, but can adjust with the company as new goals develop.

iBrochure of Bigbasket’s 360 Office Tour using Virtual Reality 

“Essentially what we set out to do is to find innovative ways to share information about of our firm,” said Anantha, Hidecor’s Founder & CEO.

“Our clients tell us the websites provide prospects with a lot of information but it’s often repetitive between firms. Many are left with questions like, ‘What do we different? What do Hidecor designed offices look like?, Well, hope this helps a little more in the decision making process’ ” is India’s largest online supermarket delivering personal and household needs right to people’s doorstep in 28 cities in India! It aims to make grocery shopping hassle-free, easy and convenient.

Company BigBasket
Location Bengaluru
Year of Project 2018
Area 45,000 sqft
Project Completion 76 Days
Unique Solution Beating deadlines, out of the box designing

Background – BigBasket is one of the fastest growing online grocery stores. They wanted to consolidate their 5 offices into one big one.

Challenges – Space for the designing was 45k sq ft. while we had to accommodate 426 employees. In addition to adding other requirements like boardrooms, meeting rooms, nap rooms, and gym.

Thumb rule for designing workspaces is 100sq ft. per person, Hidecor had only 3k to design all the other requirements. All this was to be done in 90 days!

Solution – An amalgamation of technology, planning, and designing led to a design with 45-degree workstation areas. This was implemented such that it brings in more space.

At Hidecor, we act on a commitment to sustainable design – from responsibly sourcing materials to practising clean manufacturing processes that minimize waste and conserve natural resources; Keeping up to this Carbon Neutral Floors™ by Interface flooring were used for bigbasket.

We were able to expedite the designing of this vast space and completed in 76 days!

Complete Bigbasket Gallery 

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