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Soundproofing Office Open Workspace for Employee Productivity

The rise in demand for flexible workspaces, mostly from the start-ups, have led to 8 million square feet lease of coworking space in India. There are now nearly 120 coworking operators completing in major cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and Pune.

Interestingly, Bengaluru has managed to retain it’s “Silicon Valley” of India tag with a whopping majority 32% share of all the spaces in the country.

It is extremely efficient to work and operate and more and more companies are adopting this format, making it the future of office spaces in India and the rest of the world.

The modern office culture encourages a flatter hierarchy and frequent interaction of all employees’ across designations or tenure. The trend led to the emergence of open, interactive and collaborative spaces rather than personal cubicles.

While the benefits of these spaces are many, there are some upfront disadvantages that are quickly getting addressed by smart interior designing.

One of the major disadvantages of open spaces is the containment of sound generated by each individual and ultimately resulting in a buzzing noise in a crowded space.

While most employees unknowingly accustom themselves to this environment, some noise like ringing phones or high-pitched discussion in close proximity can cause distraction and lapse in concentration.

Most often this has a direct impact on productivity and extended working hours to complete the task at hand. Some employees are unfortunate enough to focus on causing slip-ups and errors.

In recent times, smart interior designs have changed office acoustics and have contained this issue to a larger extent. Soft surfaces absorb sound waves while hard surfaces like concrete ceilings, walls and floors reflect sound farther causing a louder echoing noise in open spaces.

Designers have used sound absorbing materials to build installations and pieces of furniture to negate this effect. Some of these acoustics upgrades can be done in any open spaces are as follows:

Cocoons Seating Pods

Ergonomically designed seating pods that reduce ambient noise can provide much-needed privacy and tranquillity. Mounted with USB ports, dimming lights, Bluetooth speakers and re-mountable design can make them a valuable addition to any coworking space.



Cocoon Style Meeting Pods | ITW | Bengaluru, India


Wall flaps for art and noise cancellation

Insulating wall covers now come in various designs and shapes making it the best ingredient for designers to build creative wall art as well as making the space soundproof from external noises. The soft surface is suitable to pin or attach any piece of the document making them ideal for workstations or meeting rooms.

The Separator Wings 

Flat panels made of foam fibres attached to the ceiling at 90-degree angle can do the trick of a walled room’s privacy to an open space. It creates a partition to the light as well as noise, thus creating a wall-like illusion in an open office.

Flexible Modular Panels

These panels are temporary walls that can be dismounted and moved around in the office to create a temporary cluster for a private gathering. The partitions come in various finish starting from glass to opaque materials and can be matched with various interior designs without looking awkward.



Flexible Biophilic Dividers | Furlenco | Bengaluru, India
Flexible Dividers | Furlenco | Bengaluru, India


Creative office design should not come at the cost of workplace productivity. Hidecor focuses on design solutions that are aesthetically superior as well as functionally effective.  Reach out to us to know more.

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