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Leveraging Interior Branding to reinforce Brand Equity

Brand strategy isn’t something that can be done and dusted with upon finalization of the logo or your website going live. Recently, more and more business owners have begun promoting their brands by linking their brand identities to their physical space. Whether a business operates from a single site or multiple locations across the country, the consistency of an organization’s interior brand is paramount to its image.

Interior Branding

Interior branding until recently has been the most overlooked aspect in the establishment of a clear and consistent corporate brand. This is an opportunity to treat your physical space as a palette and apply the same rules as you would for all other aspects of marketing. It has to do with more than just a logo or sign. All elements must work together to form a sensory and engaging experience of the brand. Your design choices will ultimately impact the impression you make on youInterior branding at Hidecor Bangalorer customers, as well as employees, and also send a clear message about who you are as a business. Finding this balance between company imagery, design aesthetics, and functionality can make all the difference.

Branding and Efficient Interior Design – The Gateway To Instituting An Outstanding Identity
Adapting your interior designing to the vagaries of your brand image can be extremely beneficial in strengthening your culture and values. Interior designing is an opportunity to adhere to the principles of your business. This strengthens your brand and will attract new talent that shares your beliefs. Uniformity is a crucial element that can work towards making your brand image more concrete. All brands need to consider if the appearance of every cabin in their office space evokes the identity of their brand. As a number of global brands are finding out, interior branding is always a worthwhile investment. It adds value to your brand and gives you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors and demonstrate to the world what makes you special.

Harmonizing Office Interiors With Corporate Identity

The role of interior design is becoming increasingly established as consumers are not always confronted with the conventional elements at first. Entering your offices may be the first opportunity for them to get an idea of your company. Attractive architectural and design elements that stand out and improve employee productivity and morale is another benefit of effective interior designing. Reminding employees of the company’s goals and presenting a consistent message at all levels can reinforce the reasons for why they hired in the first place.

Hidecor’s Expert Workspace Interior Design Services

Hidecor Interior Branding BangaloreAt Hidecor, we offer interior designing services for offices and workplace environments in such a manner that they work as hard as our clients do. Having been into workplace interior design for over five years, we know a thing or two about gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and then applying our industry knowledge and expertise into developing the best workspace environments for their brands. We pride ourselves on being able to formulate superior designs for office interiors within stipulated budgets and timelines. A few examples of our past work are highlighted below.

Big Basket

BigBasket, one of India’s fasting growing online grocery stores approached Hidecor to help consolidate their five offices into one big one. The challenge was to design an office sufficient enough to accommodate 426 employees with just 45k sq ft. of available space, within a period of 90 days.

By combining our expertise in designing, planning and effective use of technology, we were able to design 45-degree workstation areas leaving not only enough space for each employee’s

comfort but also for boardrooms, meeting rooms, a gym and nap rooms, all in 76 days.

One Co. Work

One Co. Work, a Delhi based co-working startup was in desperate search for a space that would be ideal for their operations in Bangalore. They required a space which not only fit their budget and requirements but also had interiors apt for their brand. An empty space of 13k sq. ft. was to be moulded to include a lot of variety of rooms and also accommodate 252 employees.
After helping them find a suitable space we got down to what we do best – designing phenomenal work environments by making use of our unique capability for research-driven design.

In the end, we managed to create a swanky, state-of-the-art workspace which was not only appreciated by One Co.Work but also won accolades from Officelovin’.

For more information on our other work, our services and work process, feel free to get in touch with us at Hidecor, anytime. We’d love to hear from you!

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