We are Just Getting Started – Hidecor – Superior, Fun yet Functional Interior Designs!

Founded in 2015 by Anantha, Hidecor is a quest to create energizing and convivial office spaces that are welcoming to walk into and special to work inside.
“Hidecor translates workplaces into representational models of the organization’s vision, in line with the brand persona and employee convenience. Colourful and practical, creative and perky, the right mix of effervescent themes and efficient designs — that is our code of creation for the new-age zesty organisations” says Anantha.
The company started with Grabhouse back in the days, fructified into success and created a vibrant yet functional workspace. It was no stopping thereafter. Within a year, Sujith Gopalakrishnan joined as the company’s COO. While Anantha brings in the money, Sujith keeps the engine of Hidecor revving, running, eager and agile.
Hidecor’s first client – Grabhouse.
Hidecor has re-invented close to 20 offices with a new language of energy that has spread far and wide a message that the insides of offices spaces can be as lively and unfettered as the beautiful world outside.
“We are a back-to-back success story of perseverance and uniqueness. Now powered by a strong team of domain specialists, our next destination is the international stage. Taking strength and confidence from the appreciation and recognition of our work we are primed to peak in the international market of office designs.” beams Sujith.
The team believes an office is more than just a place where the employees work. It is one of the most important manifestations of an entrepreneur’s vision.
One can say Hidecor has nurtured an art of creating the most funfilled office spaces for the Indian Startup Ecosystem. Having an intense focus on creating such spaces they also master the art of delivering different concepts for a different audience.
3 years later Hidecor is 15+ team members, and 20+ successful executions stronger and believe are just getting started!

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