Fluke 8000Sq Ft Office redesign by Hidecor


No fluke Agile Workspace Redesign for FLUKE

Fluke Corporation is a global entity that designs, develops, manufactures, and sells commercial electronic test and measurement instruments for scientific, service, educational, industrial, and government applications. For every workspace designed, "FLUKE test" is mandatory to ensure smooth network functioning. So when the enquiry came, we were super excited and jumped at the opportunity.

Titan by Hidecor


Titan: 35 Years of Being More

"Be More" is a powerful sentiment, as well as the basis of Titan Industries’s brand identity, service promise, and workplace strategy. When we got the opportunity to work with Titan to create a new office design concept in Bengaluru, we were thrilled; A world renowned brand, literally present in almost all homes in India and one that has been driving excellence for more than 30 years now; Ti

Office Space Design for Healthcare Organizations


Office Space Design for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Organizations

Healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation enabled by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, interoperable data and open, secures platforms. Availability of data and advanced cognitive technologies can analyze a large set of data and create personalized insights into consumer’s health. The future holds the possibility of early diagnosis and prevention of catast

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Designing the Workspace Culture

Every company wants to be unique in terms of the business strategy, product offerings and resource management and yet implement the best practices that can drive future success. The characteristics are defined by the company’s leadership but influenced by employee behaviours and experiences. A thriving company understands the critical role of workspace design to reinforce the company’s cult