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Our Values – Hidecor

At the time of our inception in 2015, Hidecor was a group of passionate individuals with nearly two decades of experience in scaling businesses in various domains.

We wanted to collaborate and disrupt the design industry & build modern yet super functional and flexible office spaces in India. Almost 5 years in the business, we have grown into ~50 members team and have successfully executed more than 30 major projects.

“During this journey, we have been guided by our core values – transparency, trust, convenience and quality. These are Hidecor’s cornerstone and all our actions ranging from client delivery to team management are based on this ethos.” ~ Anantha, CEO & Founder


We believe in external and internal transparency with our clients, partners and team members. To be open and informative about key points of information, including our business’s goals, history, performance and operations have helped us build trust and our ethical standard high.

Time and again we have observed that our clients have taken better decisions when we are open and transparent with them saving both costs and time as a result. This has been pivotal for us in maintaining exemplary reviews & ratings from all our clients and their recommendations have always played a critical role in our growth.


Operating with a culture of trustworthiness affirms that our organization seeks accountability. We do not believe in empty promises but to build human connections that help us to be believable and authentic.

Our actions do most of the talking and we ensure that we fulfil all our claims and remain consistent with the quality. Trust is earned over time and our day-to-day interactions are aligned to this core value to demonstrate that what we say is what we mean.


Some attributes of convenience include effective time utilization, portability, and avoidance of unpleasantness in a service. With the change in an individual’s situation, the perception of what is convenient changes as well.

Hence convenience can be considered to be an experience and a customer experience can cross services, products and contexts. Convenience is the experience that takes into account the cost of experience in money, effort, and other terms.

It also includes a true understanding of the stages of the experience, and an understanding of evolving needs and behaviours from context to context. This is no simple task, but the effort is worthwhile.


We do not want our competitive edge in terms of price but in terms of quality. We prefer to be differentiated in the market by building a strong reputation for quality. The goal is to exceed the industry standards in every occasion and planning a long term cost-saving approach rather than opting for a low-cost yet risky route. Hence we invest time and effort to showcase the positive correlation between quality and profitability.

The core values have always helped us to build a reputation, of integrity, excellence and seamless team integration!

Kudos to the values and our resilience, we expand into new territories riding on positive recommendations that we consistently receive from all our customers.

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