Grabhouse office interiors Bangalore by Hidecor


Grabhouse – Infusing the millennial touch into the workspace is broker free house renting website that helps people find compatible roommates and rented accommodation. It aims to connect owners or current tenants to prospective tenants directly. It is very easy to use, a do-it-yourself platform to help people bypass brokers and save themselves from paying hefty brokerage.

Company Grabhouse
Location Bengaluru
Year of Project 2016
Area 20,000 sq ft
Project Completion 87 Days
Unique Solution Combination of elements of colour and jazz without compromising on usable space for employees

Background – Grabhouse was our first major client. It is a tech start-up based in Bangalore. They wanted a swanky office space for a team of an enthusiastic millennial workforce

Challenges – They wanted lot of elements with color and jazz in addition to recreation ideas to reflect their work culture.

With an area of 20K sq. feet, it was a challenge to make a swanky office space with all the elements for a 200 member team.

Solution – We combined design and technology to come up with a workspace which has good usable space for employees without compromising on the requirements of recreation & elements which portray the workforce

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