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COVID19 Response

Rebuilding your Workplace post coronavirus – Existing or New.

Resuming the Workplaces after COVID-19

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its sequel will be one of the biggest business challenges of our time. To keep operations going while minimizing the risk to employees, most companies have adapted new ways of working thus making remarkable changes to their offices, factories, stores and other facilities, which we reckon will be here to stay.

Touchless technology, staggered work hours, enhanced safety measures in every workplace, distanced seating and capacity monitoring, the new normal will be applicable to the existing or new build workplaces.

To help our clients ensure business continuity and steer these unusual times, at HIDECOR our team of expert designers, architects, engineers, construction strategists, wellness and sustainability specialists are here to help you to *Redefine your Workplace* and transition to the ‘new normal’, that makes your team feel and secure with a THREE step process.

COVID19 Response - Audit & Assess of current workspace
  1. Auditing the Current Occupancy
  2. Evaluating the Staggered Seating and Facilities Zoning
  3. Gap Assessment and Plan of Execution
COVID19 Response - Visuals of the new normal of your workspace
  1. Virtual Visuals of New Seating and Capacity Plan
  2. Technology Study Utilization and Recalibration
  3. Wellness, Safe Distancing and Behaviours Guideline
COVID19 Response - Reboot and Return to your workspace
  1. Ensure Workplace Readiness and Handover