What is driving the design developments in 2019?

From Millennials to Baby Boomers, Office design is about being user friendly and demographically agnostic. Apart from the job description and work profile, workspace design has been voted to be one of the top factors to attract and retain the top talents in any company. Thus, it is safe to say, office interiors has been and will definitely continue to play an integral role in creating a diff

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How are Millennials redefining the workspace?

The energy of the Millennials and the Gen Z cannot be confined to cubicles. They want to break free and breathe in an environment that is conducive and inspiring. The Indian start-up boom and digitization of Indian industries is redefining workplace trends. Right from the working style, ethics and skillset to workplace design; everything is changing, for the better. Functional workspaces are no

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Ways to design your workplace for fitness and enhanced employee productivity

We spend a whopping amount of time within an artificial static environment. This manmade setting makes an overwhelming impact on our wellbeing. Stress, depression, anxiety and obesity are concerns that haunt the workforce today. As per a research presented at the CoreNet Global Summit, more than half of the surveyed companies have started programs to address workforce health and most of them ar

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5 Super Tips for an Awesome Office Interior Design Uplift

A well-designed space -- be it your home or office, has the amazing charm of not only cutting through the "work-monotony" but also the notorious Namma Bengaluru Traffic! I often thought I am biased towards this feeling cause this is my area of business and passion. But after a quick survey, I can safely conclude, a well-designed office brightens up the day for most of the employees in an organiz