Workplace Design Trends for 2020

Workspace design has always been hanging by a thread of being too gimmicky or evidently boring and uninspiring. Sometimes at the cost of being too cool or trendy, the designers might lose focus on functionality and practicality. From the business point-of-view, the fundamental requirements are always employee satisfaction and productivity apart from incorporating the core business objectives in t

Office Space Design for Healthcare Organizations


Office Space Design for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Organizations

Healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation enabled by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, interoperable data and open, secures platforms. Availability of data and advanced cognitive technologies can analyze a large set of data and create personalized insights into consumer’s health. The future holds the possibility of early diagnosis and prevention of catast

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Designing the Workspace Culture

Every company wants to be unique in terms of the business strategy, product offerings and resource management and yet implement the best practices that can drive future success. The characteristics are defined by the company’s leadership but influenced by employee behaviours and experiences. A thriving company understands the critical role of workspace design to reinforce the company’s cult

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An interior in 3D and 360 degree virtual tour of Bigbasket’s office

Virtual and augmented reality has been widely popular in entertainment, including V.R. consoles like PlayStation VR and A.R. games like Pokemon Go, but their use has lagged in commercial real estate. Only recently have developers, architects, brokers and builders started to use the technologies as a way to save money and time in two aspects of large commercial real estate projects: leasing and