Decathlon Office Interior Design Case Study


Decathlon – Activity Driven WorkSpace Design

Decathlon is a French sporting goods retailer. With over 1500 stores in 49 countries, it is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world.

Company Decathlon Sports India
Location Bengaluru
Year of Project 2018 - 2019
Area 28,000 sq.ft
Project Completion 90 Days
Unique Solution Research-driven design to create a world-class workspace

Background - Decathlon is your one-stop shop for buying sports goods both in-store and online. World leader in sports equipment, it started its India operations with its first office in Bengaluru, Karnataka. As it became popular, it established the importance of space and design thus building collaborative & creative communities.

Challenges – With complex logistics and strict timeframes the biggest challenge was to match high design standards, sporty looks yet vision driven state or the art interiors for Decathlon's new workspace.

A 28k sq. ft. space needed to be designed to include a lot of elements - primarily related to the company's core business of sports and being "activity-driven".

Solution – Excited to be part of Decathlon's expansion plan, we at Hidecor started the engagement understanding the company's values and culture of wellness meets workplace engagement.

We brought in our unique capability in the form of research-driven design for a space which truly reflects their vision of active and healthy humankind.

"Sports for all - All for sports, the undoubted passion and dedication for sports makes a brand so popular.

Yes, we are talking about Decathlon, we still remember those infant steps taken by their team to create a space for their people which reflects their vision.

While we patiently heard they're true tenacity in sports, we realized, we had to put on the lenses of sports to be able to design a space which reflects them.

We are glad to have met their expectations, and here we bring the snippets of the space...." Anantha - Co-Founder - Hidecor.
The end result was the creation of a swanky, state-of-the-art workspace