Ashirvad Aliaxis – One office, Multiple Collaborative Spaces


Ashirvad Aliaxis – One office, Multiple Collaborative Spaces

All successful businesses are built on multiple functions and processes that work on their own focus areas and also have shared interests to achieve the larger goals of the organization. Ashirvad is no different.

When the responsibility to design the new space was taken by Hidecor one of the key objective was to drive collaboration and teamwork for the growing workforce, yet provide the option for privacy whenever the need arises.

The design team wanted to create spaces that keep employees engaged by allowing them to perform various roles and activities without compromising on transparency.

Thus began a fascinating journey for the Hidecor team to create an environment that is deeply rooted in the best practices of our design concepts and yet delivering to all the challenges of a modern and dynamic workspace.

The quest to achieve higher efficiency have changed the style of working and in today’s world, important discussions might not require formal boardrooms and the need to conduct elaborate meetings.

The workgroup varies and in most circumstances, it is a small group of experts that conduct the most crucial activities for the business.

Once crucial differentiator in this project was the use of Ashirvad’s product portfolio – i.e the high-quality PVC pipes, manufactured by the company.

The PVC pipes were Incorporated seamlessly in the workspace design and redevelopment to bring in a sense of belonging and quality while being aesthetically pleasing.

The following are the spaces that meet the need for these experts to conduct their activities in the most optimal way.


Ashirwad Aliaxis Office Interior by Hidecor Pic 14

Ideal for a small group – may be, a quick brainstorming by a group of experts or a catch-up for the supervisor with the team, this space provides a feeling of seclusion yet keeping in mind the values of transparency. The enclosures are designed to keep the auditory disturbances in check, a suspended table to fit all the devices and yet providing a comfortable space for relaxed seating by not feeling cramped into a small enclosed space.


Ashirwad Aliaxis Office Interior by Hidecor Pic 16

Employees can step into a quiet, private space for a client call or a sales meeting that is near their workstation and does not come with the unnecessary frills of a large meeting room. The minimalistic design and soothing lights make the space warm and inviting and also suitable for the employees to talk comfortably over the phone by keeping the background noise low.


Ashirwad Aliaxis Office Interior by Hidecor Pic 18

A collaborative approach to address a common issue or to achieve a target is so common in today’s work culture that space that joins different teams and departments can be the birthplace of most creative solutions.

An area closer to the base and yet more neutral can facilitate employees to join a long-duration discussion and yet not be far away from their own camp and daily routines. The open area provides the flexibility of movement for the participating members and allows multitasking during these extended sessions.


Ashirwad Aliaxis Office Interior - Boardroom by Hidecor Pic 4

A conventional approach is necessary for some business activities and there arises the need for a higher level of privacy on such occasions. These traditional meeting spaces are meant to provide the best noise isolation by cutting off the external sounds and absorbing the internal sound to avoid any leaks. Glass doors, wooden floors, husk board ceilings provide the best acoustic quality and the decals and designs on the walls and doors speak about the company ethos that forms the core of these important decisions that are often made inside these walls.

If your business wants to incorporate the next-gen office space design in your upcoming office expansion or existing workspace, allow our expert team to come up with some exciting concepts that are aligned to your specific business needs. Reach out to us.

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